All of our personal trainers are a minimum of REPs level 3 certified, fully insured and each has their own area of specialisation giving our team an un paralleled breadth of experience that caters for all types of clients training and nutritional needs.



Mark is an experienced bodybuilder with 20 plus years of competition history including :-

1st place UKBFF south Britain 1996

2nd Mr East Britain 1996 & 1997

1st place UKBFF Mr south Britain masters 2010

1st place UKBFF Muscle talk winner masters 2011

1st place UKBFF Mr south west Britain masters 2012

3 times on stage at UKBFF British masters finals

3rd place PCA masters 2017

He has a wealth of experience in personal training and competition prep (specialising in female athletes)

Mark has on average 20-30 female athletes on stage every year, these athletes collecting regional, national and world titles in all classes. From bikini to figure from physique to full on women’s bodybuilding Marks clients have collected trophies all around the U.K and benefit from his detailed knowledge of nutrition, hormones, female specific training and back stage preparation.

If you are looking for serious training, that first step into the competitive world of bikini, figure, fitness of women’s physique or just want someone to sit down with you in a consultancy capacity to review what you are currently doing and help design a plan of action then Mark is your man.

Contact Mark on 07834-162502 or


Josh is a qualified fitness instructor with a wealth of practical experience Joshua spent his work experience at numerous Gyms and finally settled here at studio1. Working at Studio1 has enabled him to pursue his real passion which is training with free weights. Having always been interested in sports at school age Joshua competed as a district level swimmer, spent 8 years playing football before he became interested in martial arts and weight training. Joshua is a competent kick boxer and is adept at training people at all levels on the punch bag and focus mitts. More recently Josh has competed with the UKBFF in the men’s physique category

Keys areas of expertise include:

  • Kickboxing experience, confident taking people on the pads and teaching basic punching technique.
  • 6 years weight training experience and qualified gym instructor
  • Teaching circuit classes
  • Good knowledge of diet and supplement advice
  • Reps level 2 qualified+ first aid qualified

REPS level 3 advanced personal training qualified and fully insured

Contact Josh on 07788 782776



How I can Help You...

My experience and expertise enables me to provide a bespoke training and ‘well-being’ service, tailored to suit the individual needs of a broad client base.  I am able to help you to achieve your goals in any of the following categories:

  • If you are looking to lose weight and feel healthier
  • If you want to build muscle
  •  If you are lean and looking to gain more muscle mass and power
  • I can also provide specialised preparation and training for:
  • Triathletes
  • Marathon Runners
  • Ironman Competitors

My Credentials:

A military career provided me with some of the best training possible and I was heavily involved in all aspects of the military sports department and a keen footballer.

As you would expect with this background and experience, I approach my clients with a high level of discipline and professionalism. My training sessions will both motivate and inspire you, helping you to find that inner determination to achieve your goals.

I am fully qualified in the following areas:

  • Nutritional advice
  • Kettle Bell training,
  • Bosu and Core training,
  • TRX Suspension training 
  • Spinning Instructor
  • Pre and Post Natal

Making the difference and unleashing your potential:

I believe in a healthier happier life and with commitment, focus, regular training and passion I can help you achieve this. My motivation is seeing my clients achieve their personal fitness goals and the confidence and happiness this gives them.  To me, this is what it all about and there is no better feeling.

Contact Bex on 07850 204570

LIBBY spong

Fully qualified (reps3) and insured personal trainer and female prep coach Libby has numerous stage appearances under her belt and top 3 trophies to go with them!

UKUP Junior Bikini winner

UKUP British junior bikini 2nd place

UKUP Athletic Bikini 2017 2nd place and invite to British finals

PCA Trained Bikini winner and British finalist 2017

3rd place Trained Bikini at PCA British finals!!!

Advanced nutritional knowledge and a high work ethic make her the natural choice for anyone that really wants to capitalise on their existing gym knowledge and take their training to a whole new level.

Contact Libby on 07785 780873 or


Wayne Yorston

Wayne is an experienced personal trainer having gained experience working at numerous locations he has a broad background including, body composition management, general fitness. diet / nutrition and also competitive bodybuilding. He is adept at working with all levels of trainers and is the perfect partner to assist individuals in starting out, furthering existing knowledge or even stepping on stage .

Contact 07494-098375


Kurt schonert

Kurt is fully qualified reps level three and insured Ex national South African rugby player with a background in strength and conditioning as well as bodybuilding and general fitness. Kurt is equally at home training all levels of clients and is Well versed in both general nutrition as well as the detail required to step on stage and win trophies. 

Contact Kurt on 07738 237732

ryan crowley

Our newest member to the Studio 1 elite team of personal trainers is Junior bodybuilding competitor Ryan Crowley who at only 19 has numerous shows and trophies under his belt and and huge career ahead of him. He is available for all manner of training and nutritional advice and not just for the competitors !!

show placings include

3rd place Ibfa saxon classic 2015

3rd place Ibfa southern classic 2015 

1st place Ibfa Mr Hampshire


5th placeNabba south east 2015 5th 

2nd place Ibfa British final


2nd place Ukbff Welsh Grand Prix 2014 

2nd place Ukbff south coast  2017

Contact Ryan on 07772-706351