A carefully chosen selection of what we consider the best resistance kit on the market with GYM80, Precor Icarian and Hammer strength plate loading and pin selection.



Hammer incline plate loading press

4 incline benches

GYM80 selectorised pc flye

Cable cross by Icarian

Functional trainer by Precor

Icarian counter balanced smith machine

2 dipping stations

Panatta Sport plate loading dip press



Hammer ISO plate loading lateral pull

3 GYM 80 close/wide grip lateral pull down machine

GYM 80 low cable row

GYM 80 seated row

2 chinning bars

2 T bar row machines



2 power racks

Icarian 45-degree leg press

GYM80 quad extension

GYM80 standing individual hamstring curl

GYM80 lying hamstring curl

GYM80 standing calf raise

Seated calf raise

GYM80 selectorised horizontal leg press

Watson sissy squat

Watson hack squat

Watson Animal vertical leg press

Hammer strength glute ham bench

Icarian V squat



Hammer strength selectorised side delt raise

Icarian individual arm shoulder press plate loading

GYM80 rear delt seated flye

GYM80 selectorised front delt press

Panatta sport plate loaded dip press


Additional kit

Technogym glue isolation machine

3 dumbbell racks 2.5kg – 60kg in 2.5 increments

40 x 20kg plates so we never run short

5 Olympic bars both long and short

3 EZ bars

3 triceps push down machines

Floor to ceiling 50mm pole fitness pole

Boxing area

Yoga room



2 spin bikes.

2 precor treadmills

3 precor cross trainers

1 precor adaptive motion trainer

2 concept 2 rowers

1 stair master stepper

cybex sparc trainer